Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grateful, Again

Yesterday was amazing.  The weather...and the work.  I was hanging laundry on the line...looking around at the wonder that is our little corner of the world.  The green grass...the laying hens (or the "ladies" as my grandson calls them)...the breeze...the incredibly blue sky.  I spied a bunny running the alongside the garden fence, and the birds kept me company in song.  Already that morning I had finished freezing this season's rhubarb crop...ready for yummy, summer desserts and for strawberry-rhubarb jam closer to the holidays.

I am grateful...for many things...and for many people.

I couldn't resist making my way to the studio to put together some fun cards to let a few important people in our lives know just how grateful we are for them...something that I know we don't do enough.

Here's my favorite:

Grateful, too, that you stopped in today!


  1. Love the chevrons with the grateful. Makes it feel very modern. Great card Sue.

  2. Lovely card Sue and a lovely cheerful post too. TFS.

  3. What a lovely post, Sue! I love what you wrote and your beautiful card, too!

  4. love the paper you used to die cut the word!

  5. love the chevron along the side.

  6. Very modern looking card ... looks good.

  7. I came across your blog today via a card posted to Pinerest. It looks like you've taken a break from blogging, and I just have to say that as I've gone through your beautiful creations you have inspired me. I understand how busy life makes us, but I do hope you'll come back soon!

    Peace & Luv,