Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Spring...From the Garden's not really from the garden.  It's not real dirt...and it's not a real worm.  Oh, and seriously...I was more that a little disturbed to see that upon closer inspection it seems that gummy worms have smiley faces. Hmmm...   Anyway... it's Happy Spring...From the Garden...because it's spring and because the stamp set is From the Garden.

Here they are...the cast of characters ( the little leaves are tiny springs of peppermint)....

and here it is...the final project.

Now...I have a confession to make.  I dreamed up this post to label as one From the Big Box.  That's why there are about ten Happy Spring picks.  But we ate the pudding...all but three...before I could get the photos snapped.  I still think this is a great From the Big Box idea (so I'm gonna label it that way), and I can always hope that my family's ability to wait to eat until after the photo shoot improves.

As always...check out the project supply list below, and...

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