Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Simple - From the Big Box #1

I'm not often a true lover of the big box store...I much prefer handmade or homemade.  Unfortunately, this preference often gets me into a pickle...mostly with myself...as each year I have many grand ideas to make - from scratch - delightful little treats and gifts for everyone...and yes, literally for everyone.  Uh...yeah...it never happens.  So this year I decided to give myself a break and to embrace my local Sam's Club...to make him my holiday partner.

It's always important for me to stay close to my gift giving and So Simple rules - described here and here - and I am thrilled that at Sam's I was able to do that and to find a few...more than perfect...goodies that fit the bill.  I'm now well stocked to easily whip up a treat or gift for literally anyone...from our insurance man to my favorite drive through teller.  I'll be sharing the fun over the next few days...beginning today... with sparking cider.

I love sparkling cider...we always have at least one bottle on hand to assist in any celebration...or to make a meal a little special.  I think it's the perfect little gift ...and a three-pack cost less than $6.00!  Add a bottle tag and some ribbon...and it's more than special!  

A close-up of the tag...using Papertrey Ink's 2013 Holiday tags, a tiny touch of felt and a pearl...


and finally...the group.  
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  1. Love your tags and the touch of felt is just perfect.

  2. Beautiful tag and great gift packaging.- Irma