Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Candy Tubes - A DIY

I had never been tempted by those candy tubes with the holiday shaped tops...you know, the Christmas candy cane, the Valentine heart, the Easter bunny...never tempted that is, until I had grandchildren.  And then yes...I gave in - for three holiday seasons.  A true crafter always knows though that she or he can do it bigger and better...so here it is...the first of what I know will be many candy tubes...the Hello Fall...

 ...and the close up.

There's so much to love about this as a DIY!  Love that they're easy to mass produce.  Love that you're not confined to a specific color or theme.  Love that it's a fun little DIY to do with kids.   Love that the candy can be a fun part of the design...and it really is all about the candy, isn't it?  

This version wasn't really designed for kids...rather, I plan to surprise a few friends with a sweet treat. I'm one down...and several to go!

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