Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Digital Studio: Halloween T-Shirt Transfers

In my last post-n-go I shared a fun packaging idea for something cute I'd had up my sleeve for our grandsons.  I was browsing online at a children's clothing site and came across some Halloween t-shirts for them.  They weren't exactly what I wanted....but into my cart they went anyway, and I was just about to hit the checkout button when a light bulb went on!  I could make the shirts that I really wanted with things I had right here.  No need to pay the $6.00 shipping need to have a limited selection for images...I had My Digital Studio!

These shirts were so easy and fun to make...and I could make them just as the boys would want them. five years old and in kindergarten... likes his shirts a little long and with short sleeves, and he doesn't want anything too cute anymore.  Done...Spooky Bingo Bits Frankenstein to the rescue!  Kenneth...who is two years old and still loves anything Nana gives him...loves jack-o-lanterns.  Done...also using Spooky Bingo Bits, with a small adjustment using Emoti-Costumes.  Print, iron on and wear.  Couldn't be easier.

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