Friday, October 31, 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Day 13!

Good morning...and welcome to the final post of the 13 Days of Halloween series!  I think today's project is my favorite of bright and fun...and versatile!

I actually photographed this quite a while ago...before I had decided what I would package in these fabulous little boxes...and since then I still haven't been able to decide!  There's too many choices! 

But here's some ideas:
  • Hot cocoa packets in the big box...and homemade marshmallows and Halloween sprinkles in the littles;
  • Biscotti in the big...K-cups and/or tea bags in the littles;
  • A cute t-shirt in the doo-dads or lip gloss or socks in the littles;
  • Paint brushes and Halloween coloring pages in the big...paint pots in the littles;
  • Apples in the big...caramel cups in the littles;
  • Play-doh in the cookie cutters in the littles....okay, I think you're getting the idea...there's so many choices!

So that's it...the 13th day on Halloween day...and just for fun...

Spooky wishes for a night filled with fun!

As always...

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