Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fleece Navidad...From the Big Box!

A few things I'll always love...the chalkboard technique, candy tubes and the Barnyard Babies Stamp Set!  And when you put them all together...this is what you get!

Seriously...I've been wanting to use this little lamb image with this Fleece Navidad sentiment since I first saw this set in April.  How clever...and cute!

As for the candy tubes...this is one of those great, inexpensive sweet gifts you can put together in a snap.  I order the tubes in I have them when I need them...and then I grab a huge bag of mini candy bars at the big box store...and the tubes fill in no time!  Embellish...and you're done!  I keep a big bucket ready so I can grab a couple when I need them...and they're perfect for any occasion!

As always...

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I just love these candy tubes! very clever and super cute!
    in your post you said that you buy these in bulk, but where do you get them? and what size are they? I just love them!

  2. Hi Sharon! Thank you for your kind comments! I buy them from SKS Bottle & Packaging. Here's the link to the plastic tubes:
    This project uses the 40ml rectangular tubes...the cocoa tubes I did using the 40ml round tubes. The round tubes are out of stock until January, but that project would work well using the rectangular tubes, too.
    Let me know if you post a project using them! I'd love to see it!