Saturday, September 3, 2016

13 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 3! Saturday...and to Day 3!  Since I love packaging the most it's easy to focus on that...especially for Halloween...because it's just so fun.  But...I try to make Halloween cards, too...and I have a sweet one today.  

I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here with this tiny bit of watercoloring...and for the life of my I couldn't get a better focus on the trick or treat banner  But I'm living with the imperfections...because that's life!   And...there's so much here that I anything with a jar...and candy corn...of course!  

I also LOVE a sweet little someone who is a brand new seven year old...and I get to help with his party I can't stay.  Stop back tomorrow, though...I know you'll love what I have planned!

As always...

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