Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Catalog CASE - From My Kitchen

Hello, friend...and welcome...for this week's Saturday Catalog Case. Oh...and I'm also celebrating National Black Cow let's start there!

When I'm looking for a bit of crafting or celebration inspiration I look to the National Day Calendar...and I can always find something fun.  Today...and each year on June National Black Cow Day. mom always referred to the typical root beer float as a black cow...and I've written about how much we love our root beer floats.  But...I've learned that a true black cow is made using chocolate ice cream and root beer...or vanilla ice cream and cola.  The things we learn while stamping...LOL!  I also learned that there's such thing as a Black Cow Cupcake...which fit perfectly for what I had planned for today's Saturday Catalog Case.

So...I put it all together...for this...Black Cow Cupcakes...sweetly packaged with the Label Me Pretty Bundle.

I fell in love with every tag in this Annual Catalog photo...and it's today's CASE.  I seriously couldn't resist. 

Actually...I did a pile of them...because I love to give away goodies...and because they were so easy! 

Oh...and because this new, 3/8" Striped Grosgrain every 2016-2018 truly as amazing as it looks!

As for the Black Cow Cupcakes...I grabbed the recipe HERE.  They're made with cocoa and root beer they're truly black cow flavored, including the root beer frosting!  I used Watkins Root Beer Concentrate...and it all truly has the old fashioned root beer the root beer barrel candies we used to get in the penny candy bin.  Yep...showing my age a bit here...and it's all good.  Ha! 

And one last note...if you leave your cupcakes on the counter to cool...the cute five-year-old in the house may just decide to help himself...and that too is all good!  

Have an amazing day!

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