Friday, May 9, 2014

A Pair of Cubes

My grandsons, Timothy and Kenneth, love to read...we read a LOT...and it's often something by Dr. Seuss.  Believe's a good thing those two are cute, because on any given day they could easily be mistaken for The Cat in the Hat's Thing One and Thing Two. 
See...even their feet are cute!

I've had two little post-it-note cubes sitting on my craft desk forever, and I finally got around to crafting them up a bit.  They'd be a perfect end of the year teacher gift or a small token of appreciation for just about anyone!

It seems that anything in a pair is extra here's a pair of cubes..
but this will ALWAYS be my favorite pair!
Thanks for stampin' by!

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  1. hee hee, those are some cute little tootsies! It's been a long time, Sue, I've recently gotten back into card making and I saw a post of yours over on the PTI board and I had to stop by and say hi! I'm glad to see you're still making beautiful creations!