Wednesday, October 29, 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Day 11!

I have some fun My Digital Studio (MDS) home decor today...and I'll get right to it!

I wanted a little Halloween something for my kitchen...something small without much footprint...something I could (literally) file away for next year if I liked it or throw away if I was tired of it.  MDS to the rescue!

This little cutie is a framed 5x7 print...the perfect little something for the counter.  Oh...and I think I'll be keeping it!

I also knew I wanted to print and hang Toxic Framable, and I wanted a frame with some character and that would be large enough to add some cool Halloween-ish flowers, know - fancy it up!  :)  I found just what I wanted...gotta love it when that happens!

I never thought I'd love this "digital thing...but I DO!  It seems that I find new ways to use MDS every week!  Click below for a My Digital Studio overview...and then try it...FREE for 30 days! 

With the FREE 30-day trial, you’ll have
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* Professional print services ordering available

Order you FREE 30-day trial as a download  HERE OR contact me...and I'll get a disk right out to you!

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